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梁健行 指揮
Leung Kin Hang, conductor

梁健行,畢業於澳門理工學院音樂教育學士學位課程。年青時已對音樂產生濃厚興趣,曾隨陳麗明女士及梁官流先生習鋼琴,其後随前澳門室樂團總監兼指揮Veiga Jardim習指揮。八一年加入澳門警察樂隊任長號演奏員,退休前為該樂隊之副隊長及指揮。




Mr. Leung Kin Hang graduated from the Macau Polytechnic, majoring in Music Education. He has been keen on music since his youth. Having been a piano student of Miss Chan Lai Meng and Mr. Leung Kun Lau, he was taught how to be a conductor by Maestro Veiga Jardim, who was the director & conductor of the Macau Chamber Orchestra then. He became a member of the Macau Police Band as a trombone player in 1981 and the deputy director of music & conductor of the band before the retirement.
Mr. Leung has been very active in Macau’s music scene. He has been the freelance trombone player of Macau Chamber Orchestra since 1986. In 1990 he helped organize the band of University of Macau. In 1991, he was employed by the Macau Conservatory as a theory instructor. Since 1992 he has been the wind band instructor of a number of secondary schools. In 1996, Mr. Leung was invited by the Academy for Performing Arts in Hong Kong to be the guest conductor of the Wind Ensemble, with which he took part in a concert, tour round Singapore. There he was awarded the Gold Prize at a contest of the International Youth Music Festival.
As one of the enthusiastic promoters of wind music in Macau, Mr. Leung has, in recent years, been working with Leong Pui Long and some others in establishing the Macau Band Directors Association, the Macau Youth Symphonic Band and the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra. At the moment, Mr. Leung is an executive director member of the Asian Pacific Band Directors Association.

On Dec 20, 1999 marks the establishment day of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR). During this historic moment, Leung led the Macau Police Band to perform "National Anthem of the People's Republic of China" in the ceremony, which is the first official ceremony in Macao.